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Open from Monday evening to Friday evening
11.45am to 1.45pm and 6pm to 8.45pm

Saturday from 11.30am to 1.30pm and from 6pm to 9pm

Closed on Sunday except in July and August

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Just 13 km from Baccarat, the Relais Vosgien hotel and restaurant in Saint-Pierremont is at the heart of a beautiful region waiting to be discovered.

The Vosges, a forest as far as the eye can see... The richness and beauty of the landscape can be explored on magnificent walks. But the Vosges also boasts exceptional know-how and architectural heritage, which you can discover on your visits. Among them, close to our hotel:

- The famous Baccarat crystal works, 15 minutes away,
- The Château des Lumières (palace of the last Dukes of Lorraine) and the Lunéville earthenware factory 20 minutes away,
- Rambervillers stoneware factory 10 minutes away,
- The book village at Fontenoy-la-Joute, 5 minutes away.
- La Maison de la Mirabelle in Rozelieurs, 5 minutes away.
- The Fraispertuis City theme park and the Lorraine pottery are 15 minutes away in Jeanménil,

For enthusiasts, just 2 minutes from the Relais Vosgien, there is a guided mountain bike trail through the forest, as well as a vélorail tour of the Val de Mortagne,

- 40 minutes away, the pretty town of Epinal, with its Basilique Saint-Maurice, the arcades of the Place des Vosges, its Renaissance house known as the Maison du Bailli, the Chapitre district with its 16th and 18th century houses and the town's historical museum...
- Just 50 minutes away, the city of Nancy is also well worth a visit, with its three squares listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the famous Place Stanislas.

Fraispertuis city

Fraispertuis-City is a family theme park located in Jeanménil, in the heart of the Vosges forest.

image Fraispertuis city

Go-karting and Bowling in Saint-Gorgon

image Go-karting and Bowling in Saint-Gorgon

The Baccarat crystal factory

13km from the hotel

image The Baccarat crystal factory

Lunéville Castle

Château de Lunéville belonged to the Dukes of Lorraine from the 13th century onwards. Between 1703 and 1723, Duke Léopold had the château rebuilt on the model of the Château de Versailles.

image Lunéville Castle

The Mirabelle plum house

16 Rue Capitaine Durand, 54290 Rozelieures
Maison de La Mirabelle - Distillerie Grallet Dupic ROZELIEURES - Visit and tasting

image The Mirabelle plum house